Goliath XDR is a deep visibility hunting module for advanced forensic mapping, visibility and nuanced response capability for the enterprise. Including ransomware, malware, trojan and hacking defense for endpoint protection.

  • Endpoint Prevention (EPP) to stop a wide range of malware, Trojans, hacking tools, and ransomware before they start

  • ActiveEDR 

– Detection & Response (EDR) works in real time with or without cloud connectivity
– Detects highly sophisticated malware, memory exploits, script misuse and other file-less attacks as they attempt to do damage
– Responds at machine speed to autonomously contain damage 
– Recovery gets users up and running in minutes and includes 100% remediation as well as rollback for Microsoft Windows
– Adds visibility of all benign data
– Adds enterprise threat hunting

  • Control for policy-based control of all USB device peripherals
  • Firewall Control for policy-based control of network connectivity to and from assets, including location awareness
  • Vulnerability Management, in addition to Application Inventory, for insight into 3rd party apps that have known vulnerabilities mapped to the MITRE CVE database
  • Full Remote Shell capability for direct endpoint access by incident responders and forensics personnel
  • Differentiates with ease-of-use personified by the active nature of the solution in autonomously responding to attacks
  • All OS stories are automatically contextualized with XDR’s patented TrueContext function, saving analysts tedious event correlation tasks and getting them to the root cause fast

Cyber Architecture Domains

  • Endpoint Protection

– Static AI
– Behavioral AI
– Documents, Scripts
– Fileless, Exploits
– Lateral Movement

  • Response

– Remediation and Rollback
– Network Quarantine
– Goliath MDR Play & Runbooks- Full Remote Shell 

  • ActiveEDR Suite Features
    – Device Control
    – Firewall Control
    – Vulnerability Management 

  • EDR/Threat Hunting
    – Attack Storyline- Deep Visibility (Including Encrypted Traffic)
    – TrueContext Threat Hunting  

  • TIP Cyber Defense
    – Threat Intelligence Sourcing to 20 Millions Global Feeds
    – Threat MITRE ATT&CK Mapping Response