About Our Partner Program

If you have potential customers for cybersecurity services, Goliath can provide our services either as a white-label partner, where the services and reports are branded under your own company, or directly to your customer, where we pay a referral fee for all work performed. This arrangement can offer new revenue streams from your clients if you are in a related business, such as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Consultant or Advisory Firm. Your clients already trust you to advise them in certain matters and offering them proactive cybersecurity protection services can help solidify your relationship as a trusted adviser and separate you from your competitors.


A Referral Partner is a Partner who simply “connects us with an interested buyer.” It can be nothing more than sending an introduction email between us and the interested buyer and transferring trust in the process. Once the future of the sale is in our hands, the Referral Partner has nothing left to do. If we sign up the interested buyer and they become a Goliath client, we pay a referral fee to the Referral Partner.


An Affiliate Sales Partner is a Partner who utilizes their existing relationships within the industry and networks they are associated with to actively promote, sell, and engage in sales activities establishing new clients in Goliath services lines. The Affiliate Sales Partner receives a commission in a shared revenue model for a net percentage of contracts signed.


White Label Services enable you to deliver our expert cybersecurity services under your own brand name. We are a turnkey solution to branch into the cybersecurity market without the need to hire staff or gain the extensive expertise required to operate in this space. We provide the cybersecurity services to your client, either individually or bundled with other services you provide, and all reports and customer interactions are handled under your brand.

Not sure which option is best?

Many of our resellers use both the white-label and referral program options, depending on the client relationship or additional services being provided, to avoid conflicts of interest. We can also offer a hybrid where the branding is put forth as the partner, but the client is aware of Goliath and our role in the exercise. Discuss it with us and we can find the right fit for all involved.

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