Understand the effectiveness of yoursecurity program through Goliath’sexecutive advisory services. 


 Scale Goliath’s offerings and penetration testers across your entire security program.


 Assess internal and externalinfrastructure using Goliath’s first classapplication, network, and cloudpenetration testing services.


Use Goliath to gain continuousmonitoring and insight into yourorganization’s application and networksecurity. 

Your organization is always-on and your security should be too. Goliath Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)makes our expert penetration testing team available for you when you need it.

Whether it’s scoping a newengagement, parsing real-time vulnerability reports, assisting you with remediation, or keeping you compliant year-round, PTaaS has you covered.

Learn how Goliath uses our full service portfolio to deliver world-class, continuoussecurity testing for you.

Penetration Testing as a Service is a new era of pen testing, allowing you to continuously test your environment, test additionalnetworks and applications, and increase your speed to remediation via interactive, consumable results.

To fully recognize the value of your technical testing for your organization, multiple Threat and Vulnerability Management(TVM) program elements need to work together harmoniously. Goliath has developed a comprehensive framework that helpsour clients thoughtfully consider the necessary elements of a TVM program.