Alliance fuels Cyber Security & DevSecOps automation for organizational agility and security

FAIRVIEW, TX and TAMPA, FL – June. 21, 2021 – Goliath Solutions Group (GSG), is an IT, OT and Cyber Security services organization created to provide cost effective Strategic and Technical consulting services to global clients. Goliath consists of subject matter experts from virtually every sector, and have a proven track record of success in understanding, reducing and mitigating risk, and ClearlyAgile, a Tampa based Business Agility company focusing on Agile Training, Agile Coaching, Agile Engineering and DevSecOps, have launched a strategic partnership to fuel a rapid and continuous services pipeline to better equip leadership with leading-edge technology.

The partnership will leverage GSG’s expertise with Cyber Security – ensuring that your security solutions are implemented at peak efficiency, identifying network and application vulnerabilities, providing remediation recommendations, and helping organizations design strong security programs with enforceable policies – with technology, software and systems that will allow both teams and technology to adapt and improve in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.

“ClearlyAgile represents the future of business transformation. DevSecOps agility is formed by many technical teams but driven to success with agile experts who have a proven track record for getting things done. No backlog or sprint is the same when going to speed to market with brand name protection. We’re proud to be partners with such a disruptive company. – Dave Ackley (Founder/CEO) and Matthew Slavin (COO) ”

“We are extremely excited to partner with Goliath Solutions Group, a strategic Cyber Security services organization helping clients with all their information security best practices from risk management to technical solutions integration providing a holistic cyber security solution.” said Rod Patane, President of ClearlyAgile. “This partnership allows us to expand their security expertise into our Agile transformation and DevSecOps implementation services throughout the US. Our two companies complement each other very well. We believe by combining our services with GSG’s team we can provide complete Business Agility based solutions to all clients.”

About Goliath Solutions Group

GSG is a trusted Cyber Advisor/Partner with over 50 years of experience in the IT security services industry employing the world’s best security architects and IT engineers. Areas of expertise include XDR Services (Ransomware/Malware), Virtual CISO Services, Cyber Advisory Services, SOC Operations Center, Product Consulting and Staffing, Software Penetration, Industrial Control-System Protection, and Edge, Network and Endpoint Security. Since its founding in 2017, GSG has A global 200+ member network of clients, partners, and Goliath Cyber Advisory leaders

About ClearlyAgile

ClearlyAgile, based in Tampa, Florida, is a Business Agility company focused on Agile Coaching and Training, Agile Engineering, DevSecOps, and cloud migration firm that helps companies transform the way they work, grow, and adapt using the latest in agile technology. ClearlyAgile recently was named to Inc. magazine’s fasted growing private companies in the US (#500) and named the 16th fastest growing company by Inc in Tampa, Florida. ClearlyAgile’s mission is to transform your businesses using Agile methodologies and principles to help them succeed in a flexible, collaborative, self-organizing and fast-paced environment.


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