As attack vectors multiply, from endpoints to networks to the cloud, many enterprises address each vector with a solution to protect those specific vulnerabilities. These point tools don’t connect the dots across the entire technology stack. The result, security data is collected and analyzed in isolation, without any context or correlation, creating gaps in what security teams can see and detect.

With over 400+ integrations, Goliath Solutions Group INTEGRITY unifies and extends detection and response capability across multiple security layers, providing security teams with centralized end-to-end enterprise visibility, powerful analytics, automated response across the complete technology stack. Getting unified and proactive security measures to defend the entire technology stack, making it easier to identify and stop attacks in progress before they impact the business. 

What you get with the Goliath INTEGRITY Platform:

– Streamlined Operations & Workflows
– Cover compliance and regulations 
– Rapid Time to Value
– Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 
– Eliminate blind spots with cross-stack visibility
– Uncover stealthy attacks with cross-stack correlation
– Auto-enrich threats with integrated threat intelligence
– Automate response across different domains
– Frictionless integration
– Scale your security team and increase efficiency

Module – RMM
(Remote monitoring and management)

  • Patching & Service Monitoring Custom
  • Scripting, Response and Hardening
  • Services Remote Support and Incident Response
  • And more….

Module – MDR
(Managed, Detection and Response Services)

  • 24/7 SOC Support Team
  • Virtual CISO and Advisory Team
  • Cyber Security Architecture
  • 150 Hours of Incident Response Hours (Per Year)
  • And more…..

Module – INTEL

  • SIEM
  • Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence
  • Audit Logging and Event Mitigation
  • Network & Host Intrusion Detection
  • Flow & Packet Capture
  • File Integrating Monitoring
  • Centralized Configuration and Management
  • And More….

Module – ECR (EnterpriseCollaboration – Mail/Group/Teams)

  • Phishing and Email Defense
  • Detect various BEC tactics and stops email fraud threats before they enter
  • Analyze multiple message attributes with true machine learning
  • Identify email fraud from impersonated and compromised suppliers
  • Automates threat detection and response
  • Protect your brand in email fraud attacks by preventing fraudulent use of your domain
  • And more….

Module – XDR (Antivirus/Malware)

  • Endpoint Prevention (EPP)
  • ActiveEDR
  • Device Control for policy-based control of all USB device peripherals
  • Firewall Control for policy-based control of network connectivity to and from assets, including location awareness
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Full Remote Shell capability for direct endpoint access by incident responders and forensics personnel
  • And more….

Module – WAF
(Centralized Global Web Application Firewall)

  • Ease of Use & Management
  • Protect Website visitors from Script Based Attacks and Data Theft
  • Secure API’s and Prevent Data Leaks
  • Enables protection against malicious attacks that aim to exploit vulnerabilities including SQLi, XSS and more….
  • Built to seamlessly integrate with our security and performance products including DDoS, Bot Management, CDN, Load Balancing, Argo Smart Routing and more….
  • Continuous analysis of signature-based heuristics and IP reputation on our global network with Managed Rulesets, delivering enhanced protection
  • And more…..