Sometimes Cyber Security feels like a constant struggle: day-zero virus attacks, incident handling, security systems management, event correlation, regulatory compliance concerns, assessments, continued policy development and enforcement. Let Goliath’s experts help you Identify Risk, take preventative measures, assess controls and provide remediation reporting.

Security assessments are a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of a company or organization’s information system strengths and vulnerabilities. Simply running a tool and printing a report is an insufficient effort. As Cybercrimes become more sophisticated, occupying/ enforcing the position of defense becomes more difficult. Programmatic Maturity assessments reviewing the organization from a holistic perspective is a must. Systematic and comprehensive evaluations, from policy through procedures, governance, and validation of controls, are a requirement in understanding the true risk posture of any organization.

The teams at Goliath have a comprehensive working knowledge of information security best practices from risk management to technical solutions integration providing a holistic cyber security program solution. 

Goliath Cyber Advisory Services Include:

• MSSP/Security Operations Center 

• Penetration Testing

• Risk Assessments

• Maturity Assessments

• Policy and Procedures 

• Network Engineering

• Security Engineering

• Incident Response / Remediation

• Application Development & Testing

• Web Application Assessment

• Threat Analyst and Modeling

• Firewall Rule and Log Review

• Managed Firewalls

• Social Engineering 

Goliath Incident Response & Remediation Services:

Incident Response is a full-featured service to help you immediately respond to a cyberattack. After full containment, we work with you to strengthen your cybersecurity controls in order to thwart further attacks. Here are a few of the key features:

  • Multi-threat Analysis

Goliath offer’s insight and remediation for several different types of threats including malware, denial of service, firewall, IPS, applications, data loss, botnets, among others.

  • Documentation and Guidance

As our customer, you receive detailed documentation and best practices guidelines to improve processes, response speed, and meet compliance and reporting requirements. Included are incident response analysis, remediation, attack profiling, and other information.

  • Real-time Remediation

Real-time remediation is only possible with access to real-time data. During an engagement Goliath will gather forensics information from the network, endpoint and your cloud infrastructure to determine the threat and provide mitigations for the threat. If you don’t have the necessary remediation, Goliath will provide, where appropriate, the necessary control, such as Next Gen Protections, or even cloud mitigations such as O365 controls.

  • Custom Security Controls

We provide expert recommendations to enhance your security protection. This includes custom signatures, traffic and attack analysis, rule-based protection activations, customized protections, and third-party systems and service provider protection.

Complete cyber incident response

From investigation to crisis management, Goliath incident response helps resolve all aspects of cyber breaches with industry-leading expertise, from thorough technical investigation to containment and recovery.

Industry-leading cyber threat intelligence

Industry-leading threat intelligence gives investigators the edge, helping understand attacker motivations and the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) attackers they use.

24/7 incident response coverage

After-hours coverage provided by Goliath Managed Defense for peace of mind that you are seamlessly protected 24/7 during investigation and remediation.